Aluity was founded in 2005 as the only brick and mortar local insurance agency with a focus on Healthcare Insurance. Medicare Part D had just been introduced and over the next few years, health insurance would take many different turns. Fast forward to today and we still maintain our primary focus of healthcare. We can help with almost any situation, including bridging the gap of insurance between jobs, the transition from your employer insurance to an individual plan, and then on to Medicare. We have clients ages 0 to 103. Our agency has always been different, and our clients come back to us year after year. We know you work hard, and so do we…that’s why if you need an appointment after you get off work or on a weekend, we will happy to schedule then! Of course, our consultations are always free and carry no obligation. When many agents want you to sign that day, we encourage clients to go home and think about any additional questions before making a decision. So regardless of your insurance situation – no insurance, losing insurance, going on Medicare, lost your job – CALL US FIRST.

Products To Meet You

Our office also handles Life insurance, Dental, Vision, Accident, Cancer, and many other types of health related products – and we can help with your Home, Auto, and Business insurance too!

Our Corporate Responsibility

We have a long-standing commitment to corporate responsibility and strive to implement this across our business. We are active with issues and organizations in our local community to provide a better place for the next generations!


Top Customer Service

Our customers are ecstatic about doing business with us! If you're not thrilled with your insurance agency it's time to give us a call.

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Get Insurance Quotes

You like discounts, right? We have tons of them and we make sure every customer of ours gets every insurance discount they're entitled to.

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Cheap Insurance Quotes

We work hard to compare coverage options, discounts, and insurance policies to get you the best insurance rate for your needs.

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We're Local

When you really need help with your insurance policy or an insurance claim, do you actually want to deal with an 800 number? We're here to help..

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