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Dental policies may help reduce the costs of your out of pocket expenses when seeking dental care.  Dental policies can be tricky.  In our opinion, the single most important thing to consider when choosing a dental plan, is to MAKE SURE you can find a network dentist.  The biggest value in a dental plan comes from the discount received by utilizing in-network services.  Also remember, dentists can be added or removed from networks on a regular basis.

Humana is one of our most popular and affordable stand alone dental products.  You can use the link below to get a quote on Humana’s individual dental policy – this link can also be used to quote your individual vision plan as well


Vision insurance can be used to help pay for the cost of your routine eye exam and reduce the cost you pay for glasses.  Our only stand alone Vision plan is from Humana and you may quote or purchase from the following link


Cancer insurance also comes in many forms.  Our most popular policy currently lets you select a cash payment amount (i.e. $10,000, $15,000) and the policy pays should you be diagnosed for the first time with internal cancer.  Please contact us for an individualized quote on our cancer plans.

Accident / Other insurance

We have several carriers that provide accidental death coverage.  These plans are very helpful in cases where you may not qualify for traditional life insurance, but still want to protect your family in case of an untimely accidental death.  We also have policies that pay cash for not fatal accidents as well.